Main data files

Genetic interactions: sgadata_costanzo2009_intermediateCutoff_101120.txt.gz - 3.1 MB

The file contains the SGA genetic interaction dataset with an intermediate cutoff applied (|ε| > 0.08, p-value < 0.05). Reciprocal interactions (AB vs BA) were processed as follows: if AB and BA show opposite interaction signs (AB is positive and BA is negative, or viceversa), both pairs were removed; if AB and BA show the same interaction sign (both positive or both negative), the interaction with the lowest p-value was retained and both pairs are reported with that interaction. The file is provided in a tab-delimited format with 7 columns:
  • Query ORF
  • Query gene name
  • Array ORF
  • Array gene name
  • Genetic interaction score (ε)
  • Standard deviation
  • p-value

Correlations: sgadata_costanzo2010_correlations.txt.gz - 66 MB

The file contains the Pearson correlation coefficients for every pair of genes included in the SGA genetic interaction dataset. Pearson correlation coefficients for gene pairs that appear both as queries and as arrays in the dataset were averaged. The file is provided in a tab-delimited format with 5 columns:
  • ORF 1
  • Gene name 1
  • ORF 2
  • Gene name 2
  • Pearson correlation coefficient

For additional data files in different formats and/or at different cutoffs, refer to the Costanzo et al. Supplementary website:

Supplementary files

List of query genes: sgadata_costanzo2009_query_list_101120.txt - 26 KB

List of array genes: sgadata_costanzo2009_array_list.txt - 53 KB

Biological process annotations: bioprocess_annotations_costanzo2009.xls - 800 KB